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Welcome to the official website of the British Collie Club. We are a community of passionate Collie enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the health, welfare, and advancement of this historic breed. Our club has a rich history dating back almost 100 years, and we continue to uphold our commitment to breed standard excellence through education, responsible breeding practices, and the organisation of events and activities for our members. Whether you are a new Collie owner, a seasoned breeder, or simply a Collie admirer, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about our community and the wonderful world of Rough and Smooth Collies.

The British Collie Club Committee

Club Shows

The club holds two shows annually, an Open show in December and a Championship Show awarding Challenge Certificates for both Rough and Smooth Collies in March.

The club also supports a number of Open shows held by other societies across the UK.

Rough Collie of the Year

Our Rough Collie of the Year event is a highlight of the calendar showcasing the winners of the previous year.

Entry is for qualifying dogs only and is an event not to be missed!

Breed Appreciation Day

The club runs Breed Appreciation days for Rough Collies.

These days are perfect for those wanting to get first-hand experience with the breed directly from experts.

Latest News from The British Collie Club

Rough Collie of the Year 2024

Important – Date and location released for next years’ event!

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Championship Show 2023

Entries for British Collie Championship Show on 4th March 2023 were as follows:

Total entry of 139 dogs
36/41 Rough Collie dogs
55/63 Rough Collie bitches
35/35 Smooth Collies

We had a lovely entry in the Parade of Champions of 17.

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Club Supported Shows for 2023

There will be a number of British Collie Club supported Open shows for 2023 and 2024, underlining our support for the advancement of the breed and survival of smaller shows and societies. Show details will be announced on our Upcoming Shows page.

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Get to know the Committee

Get to know the people helping to support your club.

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